VPN Access

Safe, anonymous website browsing

If you live in a place with strict web browsing rules but want to examine the World Wide Web as much as you can, we have the solution for you. With all our shared web hosting packs, you will be able to gain Virtual Private Network access and examine the web freely. All you need to do is set up a brand–new network using the settings we offer and we will route all your incoming and outgoing website traffic out of one of our Virtual Private Network data centers.

Solid–State Drives

Your site will be much faster with solid–state drives

All new PCs and laptop computers arrive with solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. SSDs provide faster read/write speeds, making everything significantly faster. The same will apply to your site if you host it with Reliable Hosting .co .uk – all our shared web hosting machines are provided with solid–state disks and various web sites hosted with us open faster compared to those hosted on traditional hard disks.

And the best of all is that you do not need to adjust, tweak or configure anything at all to make it work faster.


A secure and safe web app firewall program

Our company offers an instant method of securing every single web app in your hosting account, regardless of whether it is newly installed or has been imported from some other web hosting provider. All our shared web hosting packs come with ModSecurity – a web application firewall software, which is activated by default. We’ve configured it to immediately stop the majority of hacker assaults. This implies that as soon as you host your web site with us, it’ll be safer than before.


Full–featured & scalable hosting services for your dynamic sites

Our shared web hosting services allow for much quicker site load speeds and a better scalability. The server load is spread between a few servers rather than a single one, so you will not be affected by server load problems or any routine maintenance procedures. Each cloud web hosting package comes with a point–and–click Hosting Control Panel available in more than 10 languages and with a Web Application Installer tool, using which you can create online journals, community web portals, online photo galleries, etc.. If you’re not satisfied with the actual service quality whatever the reason, just make use of the thirty–day MBG.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with all our hosting packages

All our shared web hosting packages offer scripting support. You’ll be able to use just about any PHP or Python–driven web application and also make use of more than 3400 Perl modules supported by each of our Linux–driven web hosting servers. Also, you can use MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and make use of the InnoDB storage engine coming with every single hosting pack. SSI, Zend Optimizer, ImageMagick and GD Library are all supported as well.

Domain Manager

Multi–domain management done properly

With the Reliable Hosting .co .uk Hosting Control Panel, you’re no longer limited to host just 1 domain name. You can manage 1 or 100 domain names in the very same simple and intuitive manner. We’ve also included some other useful tools, which will permit you to park, redirect and Whois Privacy Protect your domains or to add custom DNS records. Having each one of these domain name administration options in a single location will save you lots of time and energy.

A Database Manager

An easy method to manage databases

With many web hosting suppliers, database administration is unjustifiably lengthy. To create a usable database, you are supposed to go through 3 different steps. With our Databases Manager, you’ll need to go through only one single step – the database’s name and the password. And that’s everything.

We’ve also included a 1–click database backup software tool. You won’t need to log into the phpMyAdmin tool to make a database backup.

Email Manager

An all–in–one email administration tool

The E Mail Manager included in the Hosting Control Panel features a user–friendly interface with plenty of email controls. You’ll be able to redirect electronic mail messages to another email box, create custom mail filters, modify the anti–spam protection levels, create custom autoresponders, SPF–protect your domain, set up email lists, and so on. How–to e–mail management video tutorials are included as well.

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