Even though managing a standalone web server is not very hard, it involves more administration tasks in comparison with a shared hosting account, for the reason that hosting server in which the latter is set up is always managed by the provider. Things like updating the software and keeping track of the web server to ensure that it's operational are a small part of these tasks. In this light, you will have to spend more time handling the server, so if you have not had a hosting server before and you are not really certain what you need to do and how to do it, you can capitalize on a wide range of optional administration services. That way, you could focus on the content of your websites and on your advertising and marketing strategies instead of spending hours on mundane tasks.

Administration Services in VPS Servers

You will be able to take full advantage of the additional services regardless of the VPS server that you’ve selected and our system administrators can help you with a huge number of tasks such as keeping the OS on your machine up-to-date, generating frequent backups of the entire content on the virtual private server on a separate server, installing and troubleshooting any software you'd like to use, checking and restarting the hosting server if needed, etc. They can even perform any custom tasks which you may require, for as long as you require them. These services can be added to the virtual server package one by one, but you may also order them all concurrently either during the signup process or through the billing Control Panel whenever you need them, so you can choose how involved you want to be at any given time when you are using the hosting server.

Administration Services in Dedicated Servers

You'll be able to include the management services that we offer to any of our dedicated web hosting plans regardless of the Operating System or hosting Control Panel you have picked. Our admins can keep a watchful eye on your server and the processes running on it 24/7, so when necessary, they're able to reboot it to restore its proper operation. They could also update the hosting server Operating System with the most up-to-date security patches. Plus, they could keep a backup of your files and databases on a separate machine, to ensure that whatever happens, your data shall be undamaged. Our administrator crew could also perform any other custom tasks like setting up some software which you have bought and that you want to use, or troubleshooting script-driven applications - if they don't work effectively. All these services could be added to your dedicated hosting server plan whenever you want either separately or at the same time, so you can decide how involved you would want to be in the hosting server administration process.