The disk space feature displays the full capacity of information that you are able to have on the shared web hosting server at a time. With a home PC, for example, this would be the overall size of your hard disk drive or the full size of all hard drives in case that your computer has more than 1. Exactly as the space on a personal computer is shared between installed software, docs, music files and so forth, the server disk space is usually divided between website files, databases and email messages. Each file, folder and email message requires a little disk space on the server, therefore you should take into consideration various factors, not just the size of the files you upload. To give an example, receiving sizable e-mail attachments or running a script-driven site where the user-generated content is stored in a database may also affect the space you use.

Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting

With our shared web hosting packages, you will never concern yourself with hard drive storage. While most companies create accounts on a single server and eventually all the server hard disk storage will be used, we have used a cloud web hosting platform where the files, email messages and databases are taken care of by different groups of servers. As a result, each machine performs better since only one type of processes is working on it, plus the hard disk storage is unlimited due to the fact that we will always add extra servers or hard disks to the cluster, based on whether we'd like more processing power or more space. You won't ever encounter a position in which you can't upload more files for the reason that there's no free hard disk space on the server, that's something you can encounter with many other providers. If you use our hosting services, you can be sure that restricted space will not be a holdback for the development of your websites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you purchase a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you don't need to concern yourself with the hard disk space that you're able to use because of the simple reason that this feature is unrestricted. In contrast to various other hosting companies that advertise a similar service, but create accounts using a single machine where quite a limited number of hard disks can be attached, we work with a revolutionary cloud system that uses clusters of servers. All of your files will be kept on one cluster, your emails on another, your databases on a third one and so on. Such a platform offers two noteworthy advantages - first, the disk storage can never finish because we can attach extra servers to every cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will work much more effectively because they'll be in charge of just a single kind of processes. A semi-dedicated server package gives you the freedom to improve your websites as much as you'd like.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

With all our VPS plans, we provide you with sufficient disk space for all your content that matches the rest of the server features, which means that a better package includes a larger quota. You'll be able to use the storage as you see fit, since there're no specific allowances for the website files, databases or emails - all of them share the entire hard disk space of your server. Of course, in case you prefer to have some limits, you can purchase your VPS plan with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, and then you'll be able to generate web hosting accounts with a limited amount of disk space for every single domain that you host on the server. In case you need more space at some point, you will be able to quickly boost your plan with a few mouse-clicks and the extra characteristics will be included with your current account, so that you will not need to move anything and all your web sites will always be operational.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Using our dedicated web hosting plans you will get all of the storage space that you may need for your web sites, databases, e-mail messages and apps. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage will be accessible and not shared with others, therefore you'll be able to upload all the info you would like - website files, personal or company archive backups, and so on. You'll have no less than two separate hard disks that work in RAID, so one drive will mirror the other in real time in order to ensure that all your precious content is always secured. If you prefer, you will be able to use the hard drives independently and make use of the full storage space the way you see fit. If needed, you may also get additional hard drives linked to the server and enjoy even more storage space. You will have the option to create web hosting accounts with fixed disk space allowances if you get the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. Picking Hepsia, which is your third Control Panel option on the order page, all the domain names hosted on your server will share the disk storage space and they will be handled through one account. In either case, our dedicated plans will meet all your needs no matter what kind of site you intend to host.