A lot of people who begin using their very first hosting account, or change companies, usually have enquiries about how particular procedures are performed or chance upon difficulties when setting up various things, including e-mails, website settings, etc. This is why, many web hosts have prepared documentation with common questions and problems so as to help their clients receive information quickly and easily. As a result, the technical support engineers can dedicate more time to actual problems that some clients may be encountering, as the solution for the minor things will already be available on the web and customers can easily handle them without contacting the support team. Having detailed documentation is critical, especially for new clients with no prior experience, as the web hosting service entails a huge number of features and many individuals can get confused about what action to take. A good knowledge base can both help you complete the procedures that you need and discover how the web hosting service functions as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Web Hosting

Our shared web hosting plans come with an elaborate knowledge base where you can find information on all the issues that you may face and their solutions. You can learn how to set up and manage an electronic mailing list, how to use an .htaccess file, or how to continue if the settings of your mail client are correct, but yet you are unable to send email messages, for example. We have tried our absolute best to be as comprehensive as possible and to cover all possible options in order to help you save time and energy and to provide you with different solutions for each single problem. The knowledge base includes educational articles too – both generic ones about the hosting service as a whole, and more specific ones, which will acquaint you with the features and functions of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can find relevant articles about particular functions and features in every Control Panel section, whilst if you wish to browse through the complete archive of articles, you should visit the all-encompassing Help section.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Help section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is included in our semi-dedicated hosting plans, will allow you to access the exhaustive online support documentation that we have compiled for you. The articles themselves feature general info about our services, informative tutorials about the various functions that you can access, as well as troubleshooting guidelines that can help you solve common problems that you could experience. The topics that we’ve included encompass just about everything, from elementary things such as how to host a brand new domain name in your account, to more complex ones such as which SSH commands can be executed on the semi-dedicated servers. Articles that are dedicated to the features of a given Control Panel section will always be available in the right corner of the page that you’re on, while the whole article archive can be accessed through the all-encompassing Help section.